The shipping world is  Complex

Throughout my career,

I have had the pleasure of working alongside small business entrepreneurs.

My expertise lies in helping companies ship their products globally, a field I have dedicated most of my professional life to.

Many of these businesses began as home-based operations and grew to become medium to large-sized enterprises.


Speaking Languages

International shipping can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to customs regulations.

Smaller businesses may struggle to navigate these complex requirements, but larger companies may not prioritize their inquiries.

As someone with shipping industry experience,

I saw the need for an interpreter, navigator, and guide to help businesses succeed.

I developed a comprehensive shipping program that provides small businesses with discounts and expertise typically reserved for more giant corporations, saving them time and money in international trade.

Andrew White Small Biz Strategist

Andrew White Navigating  your  Shipping issues

I can assist with some of the common problems.

Shipper Coach : 


I have observed that many companies rely on their shipping department to handle their shipping requirements.

However, these employees can become overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities, especially when asked to ship to a new location or deal with new documents or services.

Moreover, when staff turnover occurs, the company’s shipping program may be jeopardized.

I can assist in connecting shippers and receivers and building a transportation program to cover all situations, equipping them with the necessary tools.

Areas of expertise

Customs clearance:

I can assist Shippers in understanding the regulations and requirements for importing and exporting goods in different countries. I will  show all the documents that are required for importing and exporting

Additionally, I can help you find a reliable customs broker if needed.

Finding carrier: I can help you compare and choose the best carrier for your shipment based on cost, speed, reliability, and customer service.

Tracking shipment: I can help you track your shipment online or by phone and provide updates on its status and location.

Freight rate disputes: I can help you negotiate and resolve any disputes or discrepancies with your carrier regarding the freight rate, charges, or fees.

Drop shipping: I can help you arrange drop shipping from Asia to your customers in the US without having to store or handle the goods yourself.

Shipping costs analysis: I can help you analyze your shipping costs and find ways to reduce them, such as by consolidating shipments, choosing cheaper modes of transportation, or using special discounts or offers.

Freight claim: I can help you file a freight claim if your shipment is lost, damaged, or delayed, and follow up with the carrier until you receive compensation.

Cargo insurance: I can help you obtain cargo insurance to protect your shipment from any risks or losses during transit and advise you on the coverage and terms of the policy.

I am here to help you with your shipping needs.

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