I have spent most of my Professional life working with companies helping ship their products worldwide.
Many started as a home business. It is
They grew from one-person enterprises to medium-size businesses, and some have grown too large companies.

Andrew, we are starting this business, and now we want to manufacture this product.

Where do we get supplies, and how to get them here.

Speaking Languages

In the international  Freight/ Shipping business, they were soon bewildered by all the steps required for Shipping.

One area of concern is Customs Regulations. Commercial trade is mammoth worldwide and has been going since the beginning of time. The customs and trade agreements are varied and Complicated for every country.

The Owner and staff would call a busy Customs broker looking for information.

They  would be faced with the whole new language of regulations, legal documentation requirements, Duty and tax rates

More prominent established companies are busy, and small inquires are  usually handled the best they can

they do their best, but they can’t spend the time to give information pertinent to the Smal business start-up, but if they the Company establishes that it is not going to be a large importer, they would only spend so much time

Their expertise is vital to importers but tough to get, and they  would need this service, but they were confused
I was not a customs broker, but I could speak their language and then translate for the business.

I realized that my role needed to be an Interpreter and guidance person. in  the entire shipping process

I started in the industry working for a customs broker. I learned to speak their language.

I  developed  more expertise in  all modes of Shipping around the world

The results are that   when Small businesses contact me,

I   Quickly designed a Comprehensive shipping program that gave them  access to Big Business discounts  and Expertise worldwide, Saving time and money

Expert at  Everything- What business do you want to be in

In the start-up stage and throughout the business life, The Owner is expected to expert in everything

When I  started my freight brokerage business. I was on the same bandwagon

. I soon discovered I was not an expert at much. And woefully unprepared to deal with Other issues.

Communication  Computers    Internet     Banking    Government regulations    Accounting programs leases  Rental agreements   Company/ Personal liability to name a  few

I did what most do and did my research.

This  soon became very confusing and time-consuming
Often it came down to the confusing languages and how they applied to my business, i began to ask the question, what business am

I was using the DIY  to save money but in the long run, it cost me a lot of money

DIY vs  Buying  Services

The best way i know to evaluate when to buy service  and when to look at  doing it yourself is by

One look at the issues complexity

2. Will it saves time and money or prevent loss

3 Will  the service  create income, and how long it will be to implement

4. What is the learning curve in time.

Let us look at accounting.

This is usually the area the most businesses don’t want to pay close enough attention especially in the start-up phase Excel Sheets and miniature versions of  inexpensive  Quick software programs to  get them started>

Setting up a proper accounting system can be complicated but crucial to the long-term viability of the business it  is  required if there are employees or the business  Income tax  and Gst

The system needs to be set up with the  CRA in mind. It is for the Owner and the business and for collecting sales tax. if applicable. Banks may also require reports, and they insist they be in formats.

Many businesses find themselves in trouble with government authorities after the first year. Having a proper system makes any inquiries go much smoother Set your system up with expertise. and it will save you hours of clean up  and money  down the road

You cannot hide from these agencies.

Data entry billing and payable can be done by the Owner as long as the person follows the accounting system.

I can say from experience this will soon suffer as the business gets busier.

Long hours during the day eventually cause this side to be put off. It leads to slow billing and payments to Vendors.

I recommend f to enlist with qualified Bookkeeping/ accounting service at the beginning of your business or any time you find you are growing. There are Virtual accounting services now.

All of the transactions  and conferences are done online

Think about future growth. If you are the driver of the success of the business, you cant be wearing too many hats

 Marketing  and Online Presence

This is a large area  y that  needs to have scrutiny.

I have  built my own web sites updated blog posts, arranged online purchasing

It would help if you enlisted expertise in this area that is specific to your business,

This is a time-consuming place and can sap creative business time quickly.
If  you  decide on a large online presence, it will take time to develop, and then  after it is  up, you need to maintain it

If you choose to do this on you own, there many online sites you choose from.

I would recommend Wealthy Affiliates  as they specialize in helping businesses develop websites and have a built-in technical support team that  you  can get training in any area

One suggestion here is to create what you need in a  marketing plan todo

Develop a vision for the business and tell the  Marketing companies what you see. T

his will give them direction and  content to  work on

You may have to pay for the expertise to develop your plans quickly and efficiently.

Just building a website will not develop your vision.

Legal Consultation

This area is one of the most overlooked areas, and I average costs of lawyers run 200- 400 per hour h

The problem can be doing business set up, and  Government Regulation language is so complicated but like Accounting can have a significant effect on a business.

Lawyers are usually particular in their practice.

Often, business owners get referrals to lawyers who may or may not have the expertise they need. Lawyers  who specialize in  Mortgages  don’t have the expertise to deal with Employee issues as an example

Legal Consultation can be required in a business

  • Contracts are required
  • Employee relations and standards are affected
  • Reciviebales  issues
  • Federal-Provincial and Municipal  Government agencies
  • The liability of the business  is in question.

Quite frankly, a business with employees require that lawyers  be involved   in some way with  hourly costs of $300 to $400  just for Consultation
There are  Alternative services now that can help to protect your business  at affordable Monthly rates  see below

Small business relates to small business.

Everybody who is in the business to make a profit.

Large, established companies are the same.

Networking with companies who are experienced with  Small to Medium business can be  real benefit,

At, I  provide a suite of services for business

Owner and senior management are designed to work Proactively to provide the business with the expertise they need.

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